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We provide services here at our office or we can coordinate and provide on-site wellness workshops and retreats for community caregivers offered through their employers.

Let us plan a session that meets the needs of your staff and brings some calm and relaxation during these stressful times. Call 402-917-0722 for more information.


Why Choose Us


Healing Touch is a gentle, relaxing and nurturing form of energy therapy. It works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. It is safe for all ages and works in  harmony with standard medical care.

Healing Touch assists in balancing your physical and emotional well-being and can provide some of the following benefits:

*Promotes a feeling of calm

*Supports a sense of well-being

*Helps a person to feel less anxious

*Decreases feelings of stress

*Assists with decreasing sensation of pain 

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Certified Healing Touch Practitioner please visit 


Lorri can also include HEALING TOUCH practices during massage sessions

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Story of the starfish

An old man had a habit of early morning walks on the beach. One day, after a storm, he saw someone in the distance moving around like a dancer.  As he came closer, he saw a young woman and she was not dancing but was reaching down to the sand and picking up a starfish and very gently throwing them back into the ocean.

"Young lady, why are throwing starfish into the ocean?" 

"The sun is up, and the tide is going out, and if I do nothing, they will die, she replied."

"Do you not realize that there are miles of beach and starfish all along the way?"

"You can not possibly make a difference."

She listened politely, reached down, picked up another starfish and threw it back into the ocean past the breaking waves saying,

"It made a difference to that one."